• Kindergarten Age Requirements (PDF) Kindergarten Age Requirements (PDF)


    Topic: Kindergarten Age Requirements

    Reference or Contact:          Early Childhood Intervention Department


    Children who are 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year are eligible to attend kindergarten. There is no early entry into kindergarten for students of Texas public schools.

    Parents/Guardians who choose to seek to advance their kindergarten-age child to 1st grade may do so by contacting the school counselor or by meeting the following age exception:     

    The person is enrolled in the first grade and is at least six years of age at the beginning of the current school year or has been enrolled in the first grade, or has completed kindergarten, in the public schools of another state before transferring to a Texas public school. 

    Parents/Guardians of a child meeting the age requirement to attend kindergarten may choose to delay their child’s entry and enroll the child in LISD Pre-Kindergarten on a tuition basis. 

    Children who are age-eligible for kindergarten may not attend LISD Pre-Kindergarten for free.

    Children who are 6 years old by September 1st of the school year are eligible for 1st grade.  Parents/Guardians of such child may choose to enroll the child in kindergarten free of charge.  Parents/Guardians shall communicate this desire with campus office staff.