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    Topic: Check Acceptance Policy

    Reference or Contact:          Treasury


    Lubbock ISD accepts personal checks for payment on fundraisers, fines, school lunches, etc. 

    • Checks shall be made payable to Lubbock ISD or the complete campus name.
    • All checks to be deposited shall be endorsed with an endorsement stamp provided by the Finance Department.
    • Personal checks will not be cashed from school receipts.
    • All requests for refunds must include a copy of the receipt.

    In the event a check written to any Lubbock ISD campus, club, or organization is returned unpaid, Lubbock ISD or its agent (depository bank) will direct the insufficient item to InstaChek Collection Agency.  Upon collection through InstaChek, all applicable fees for the insufficient check will be apply to the original amount of the check.


    LUBBOCK ISD EMPLOYEES OR REPRESENTATIVES SHALL NOT ACCEPT DIRECT PAYMENT FOR A INSUFFICIENT/RETURNED CHECK.  Payment arrangements must be made directly with InstaChek at (806) 743-6209. 


    Uncollected Checks

    The failure of the campus/department to make a timely deposit (within 30 days from date of the check) can render a returned check uncollectible.  Uncollectible checks will result in the campus/department account being charged for the uncollected funds.


    District Attorney Hot Check Division

    The District Attorney Hot Check Division has released an affidavit with information concerning how checks are processed in their office. As a result, any district employee accepting checks must put their initials on the check and ensure the payee fills in the memo line.  The memo line needs to specify the items purchased, the word “miscellaneous” will not be accepted.

    The District Attorney’s office requires the specified information to pursue collection of funds, should the check not clear the bank due to insufficient funds.