• Election Procedures (PDF) Election Procedures (PDF)


    Topic: Election Procedures

    Reference or Contact:     Controller; Elections Official


    The Board consists of seven members, two elected at large and five elected single-member districts, serving terms of four years, with elections held biennially. Education Code 11.051, .052, .059

    Board policy dictates the schedule on which specific terms expire. Education Code 11.059

    A candidate for Board member representing the District at large must be a resident of the District. Election Code Title 9

    A candidate for Board member representing a single-member district must be a resident of the district the candidate seeks to represent. Election Code Title 9

    Candidates wishing to run for the Board shall include all statutorily required information on their application, including that found at Election Code 31.0021, 141.031 and 141.039.  

    Election of Board members of the District shall be on the May uniform election date of even numbered years. Election Code 41.001

    The election shall be held as a joint election and the voters shall be served by common polling places consistent with Election Code Chapter 271.

    The District shall enter into a contract with the County Elections Administrator to furnish election services as set forth at Election Code Chapter 31, Subchapter D.

    Elections shall be conducted in accordance with Election Code Title 6

    All Election materials shall be provided in both English and Spanish versions to meet the Bilingual requirements set forth. Election Code 272.002

    Unless otherwise provided by the Election Code, delivery, submission, or filing of an application, notice, report or other document or paper with an employee of the District at the District’s usual place for conducting official business constitutes filing with the District. This includes, but is not limited to, any paperwork or documentation required by the Texas Secretary of State’s office and the Texas Ethics Commission.

    The District may not prohibit electioneering on district property that is being used as a polling place or early voting place. The District may enact reasonable regulations concerning the time, place and manner of electioneering. Election Code 61.003, 85.036

    To be elected to the Board, a candidate must receive a plurality of votes. More votes than any other candidate. Election Code 2.001. In accordance with Election Code 2.002, if two or more candidates for the same office tie, a second election shall be held unless the candidates agree to cast lots, one candidate withdraws or an automatic recount resolves the tie.

    A call for an election, General or Special, shall be made no later than the 71st day before Election Day. The Board shall order the election. Each order must state the date of the election, the offices or measures to be voted on, the location of the main early voting polling place, the dates and hours for early voting, the dates and hours of any Saturday and Sunday early voting, and the early voting clerk’s official mailing address.

    Notice of the election shall state:       

    1. The nature and date of the election;
    1. The location of each polling place;
    1. The hours the polls will be open; and
    1. For early voting:
      1. The location of the main early voting place as determined under Election code 85.002;
      2. The dates and hours for early voting, including the dates and hours of any Saturday and Sunday early voting; and
      3. The early voting clerk’s official mailing address. Election Code 4.004(a), 83.010, 85.004. .007

    Notice of the election shall be published at least once in a newspaper published within the District’s boundaries in accordance with Election Code 4.003. In addition, the District shall post a copy of the notice on the bulletin board used for posting notices of the meetings of the Board.

    The Board may declare unopposed candidates elected to office if each candidate that is to appear on the ballot is unopposed. If no election is to be held by the District on Election Day, a copy of the order shall be posted on Election Day at each polling place that would have been used in the election. Election Code 2.052

    The Board shall canvass the election returns as set forth in Election Code 67.003(b). Two members of the Board constitute a quorum for purposes of canvassing an election. Election Code 67.004(a)

    Newly elected and appointed Board members, before taking the oath of office and entering upon the duties of office, shall sign the required statement. The statement shall be retained with the official records of the office. Tex. Const. Art. XVI, Sec. 1(b)

    After the statement has been signed, but before entering upon the duties of the office, the Board member shall take the oath of affirmation of office and shall file it with the President of the Board. Tex. Const. Art. XVI, Sec. 1(a)

    The oath maybe administered and a certificate of the fact given by the individuals listed at Government Code 602.002