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    Topic: Vendor Relations

    Reference or Contact:          Executive Director of Purchasing/Contract Services


    The Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) Purchasing Department is charged with the responsibility of creating a healthy and competitive atmosphere among a large number of vendors in accordance with the Purchasing Code of Ethics.

    The district maintains bid lists on major categories of goods and/or services that are purchased.  In order for a company’s name to be placed on the bid list, the company should file with the purchasing department’s third party registration partner requesting to be placed on the bid for products and/or services the company can supply.  The information for vendors may be obtained from the purchasing department or from the purchasing website. (You must be signed in to the Lubbock ISD website to view the document(s)).

    District departments and campuses may request a vendor to be added to the vendor list.  Each submitted request will be evaluated and the requestor will be notified whether or not the vendor has been added to the vendor list. To request a vendor, please complete the New Vendor Request Form available on the purchasing website. 

    If you have a problem or a complaint regarding a vendor, please complete the Vendor Complaint Form available on the purchasing website.

    Vendors and their representatives are strictly prohibited from contacting, either in person or by telephone, instructional or school building personnel.

    Vendors may call on directors, coordinators, supervisors, and department heads in administration offices and in support service areas.

    Vendors are prohibited from offering gifts or favors that could influence, or could be construed to influence, purchases utilizing district funds.  Employees are to refuse any such offers and report such offers to their immediate supervisor.  The supervisor shall immediately report any such incidents to the Executive Director of Purchasing/Contract Services.

    Vendors may contact a principal, if requested to do so, in regards to fundraisers.