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    Topic: Requisition/Purchase Order Types

    Reference or Contact:          Executive Director of Purchasing/Contract Services


    A purchase order is the contract document that commits the District to an obligation.  Purchase orders are originated by the Purchasing/Contract Services Department after receipt of an authorized purchase requisition.  The following are the types of requisitions offered by the District’s electronic requisition system.

    Traditional – These requisitions are used when price, quantity, and description are known.  Additionally, they are the ones that must be used with all non-local vendors. Confirmations should be entered as traditional requisitions and flagged as such.

    Not To Exceed – Items of unknown quantity and price used with local vendors. This type of requisition should include a list and/or description of the types of items to be purchased. They are ONE-TIME PURCHASES only.  Once a purchase has been made against this type of purchase order, the purchase order will be closed. In addition, these one-time purchases are limited to $500.  Cannot be “confirmation” orders or used for online ordering.

    Blanket – Services and/or goods based on periodic/multiple payments throughout the school year.  A new purchase order will be issued at the beginning of each fiscal year/project and must indicate that it will be used repeatedly.  A begin date and an end date should also be noted. *Cannot be “confirmation” orders, used for online ordering, or for the ease of not entering a traditional when necessary.

    Confirmation requisitions are entered “after the fact”; in other words, the merchandise or service has already been ordered or received.  THIS PROCEDURE IS TO BE USED ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS.

    Two types of emergency purchases are justifiable in school districts: 

    One type results from an eminent threat to the health, safety, or welfare of students.  Such purchases must comply with state law and may be made only after a formal board action declaring an emergency and authorizing the purchase.  An example of an emergency purchase of this type is the authorization to repair a school after a fire or a natural disaster.

    The second type of emergency purchase is for an immediate student need.  For example, an emergency purchase may be made if there is a legitimate need for a purchase that enables the completion of a student academic competition or competitive athletic competition during non-business hours.  This type of emergency purchase is normally utilized after regular business hours or on weekends and holidays.  After purchases of this type are made, a confirmation purchase order should be issued after the fact on the next business day.  Care should be taken that emergency purchases do not result from improper planning rather than from a true emergency.

    The District attempts to eliminate emergency purchases for non-emergency situations as much as possible and requires that all emergency purchases be fully justified.