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    Topic: Standardization of Materials

    Reference or Contact:          Executive Director of Purchasing/Contract Services


    The District, to a limited extent, standardizes supplies and equipment.  Standardization provides the District the ability to:

    1. assure repair parts are available, while keeping inventory of parts to a minimum;
    2. better train in-house technicians and consultants;
    3. secure more competitive contract pricing;
    4. more easily transfer fixed assets within the District; and
    5. purchase large volume usage items at a lower cost.

    Some items which fall in the area of standardization are: computers and printers, District-wide copy machine leases, kitchen equipment, housekeeping and maintenance equipment, items stocked in the warehouse (Distribution Center), contracted price items for instructional/office supplies and pre-qualified brand items for athletics, classroom, office and cafeteria furniture,  whereby vendors submit either annual bid prices for unknown quantities of specific items, and/or provide discounts for published catalog prices.  District catalogs listing such items can be found on the purchasing website.

    The procurement programs associated with standardization provide a process meeting the required statutes containing requirements for competitive procurement processes for school districts.  Purchase requisitions for non-approved brand items or from non-approved vendors WILL NOT BE APPROVED without prior written request containing full explanation/justification as to why existing brands and models from vendors participating in the above programs will not fill the needs of the end user.  Furthermore, should these non-standard brands be purchased from a non-participating vendor and later need repair, the end user may have to pay for the repair cost (freight and handling charges included) because of the District’s in-house personnel or contracted vendor not being able to service the items.