• Chronic Absence

Excused Absences

  • Although perfect attendance is the goal, it's not always possible. School districts are required to excuse a student's absence to:

    • Observe a religious holy day
      • To be considered a religious holy day, the day should be one generally recognized by the student’s religious denomination as a holy day that is required to be observed by all members of that denomination.
    • Church retreats, camps, and mission trips and individual religious rites (baptisms, christenings, bar mitzvahs, etc.) are not considered holy days. 
    • Attend a required court appearance
      • Student’s name must appear on the court summons.
    • Serve as an election clerk
    • Appear at a governmental office to complete paperwork required in connection with the student's application for U.S. citizenship
    • Take part in a U.S. naturalization oath ceremony
    • Sound "Taps" at a military honors funeral held in Texas for a deceased veteran
    • Attend a healthcare appointment
      • The student must return to school on the same day of appointment.
    • Visit college campuses
      • Juniors and seniors

    Generally, an absence may qualify as excused in cases of:

    • Funeral - must be an immediate family member
    • Doctor appointment
    • School-sponsored curricular or extracurricular activities