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    Topic: In-District Travel

    Reference or Contact:          Travel Department


    When traveling, Lubbock ISD (LISD) employees will use good judgment and prudence in the expenditure of District funds. Travelers are expected to select the most economical and practical accommodations, arrangements and services in accordance with the needs of the trip. In-District Travel is defined as all travel within the boundaries of Lubbock ISD and shall be reported on the LISD In-District Travel Report.


    The Traveler shall:

    1. Complete, in its entirety, a LISD In-District Travel Report (staff must be signed into the LISD website to view the form) recording:
      1. their name, department and Employee I.D. number (this number is located in the TEAMS Employee Service Center);
      2. the month of travel (only one In-District Travel Report shall be submitted to the Travel Department on a monthly basis per employee);
      3. the date, start and ending addresses, persons/agency contacted, purpose and description of duties performed for each visit;
      4. the number of in-district, school related, mileage for each visit and the month total
        • mileage must be calculated using Google Maps, by entering each location’s address in the order they were visited,
        • employees shall round actual mileage to the nearest tenth (i.e. if actual mileage is 8.76 miles, the employee would record 8.8 miles on the report);
      5. the employee’s signature certifying the reported mileage is a true and correct representation of the travel performed on the dates indicated;
      6. enter the complete account number to record the mileage expense.
    2. Submit the completed LISD In-District Travel Report to the Travel Department by the 5th working day of the following month.
    3. Carpool when two or more employees (from the same campus/department) are traveling to the same function on the same date and time.
    4. Utilize the current State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts maximum mileage rate for use of privately owned automobiles when calculating their mileage payment. 

    The Principal/Department Supervisor of the Traveler shall:

    1. Ensure funds are available, based upon the estimated travel costs, prior to any incurred employee travel expenses.
    2. Ensure the individual traveling is knowledgeable of the “Traveler” responsibilities as stated above.
    3. Review and approve the employee completed In-District Travel Report.

    The Travel Department shall:

    1. Verify the total number of miles reported on the In-District Travel Report.
    2. Forward the In-District Travel Report to the Finance Department (the Finance Department will process the payment request within a one-week period).