• Student/Sponsor Travel - Meals (PDF) Student/Sponsor Travel - Meals (PDF)


    Topic: Student/Sponsor Travel - Meals

    Reference or Contact:          Travel Department


    Meals will be provided for trips beyond 60 miles and when student/sponsors are involved in a school related event over a 6-hour span (i.e. track meets and other UIL academic competitions).  The maximum allotment allowed for food per student/sponsor per day is $21.00 ($5.00 for breakfast, $7 for lunch, and $9 for dinner). When providing all three meals, the amount per meal is flexible as long as the day’s total does not exceed $21. When providing two meals, the combined total costs cannot exceed totals for specific meals (i.e. Breakfast/Lunch cannot exceed $12; Lunch/Dinner cannot exceed $16).  See the Lubbock ISD Official Meal Allowance Guide for additional guidance on allowable meals as per trip departure and returning times.

    It is the responsibility of the trip sponsor to provide meals and a separate room for all overnight trips for charter company drivers.  Trip sponsors are also responsible for all meals for drivers on day trips.

    The following documentation is required for student provided meals paid by:

    • Check Advance – a completed Student/Sponsor Meal Signature Sheet
    • District Travel Card – a detailed, itemized receipt AND a completed Student/Sponsor Meal Signature Sheet
    • Personal Debit/Credit/Cash – a detailed, itemized receipt AND a completed Student/Sponsor Meal Signature Sheet

    The Student/Sponsor Meal Signature Sheet shall list each student’s printed name, child’s original signature, date(s), paid meal(s), amount release to the child and the sponsor’s/supervisor’s approval initials. This information is also required for any funds released to the sponsor(s) and driver(s) in regards to district provided meals when traveling with students.

    See the Student Travel Procedures for additional information regarding student travel.