Feeder Pattern Finalists Teacher of the Year

Header Graphic Feeder Pattern Finalists

Elementary Finalists

Coronado Feeder Pattern Elementary Representative Lauren Smith - Whiteside Elementary

  • Lauren Smith focuses on academics, but also has the best interest of the students in mind. Find out more here.

    Lauren Smith

Estacado Feeder Pattern Elementary Representative Amelia Ballejo - Harwell Elementary

  • Amelia Ballejo develops a growth mindset in her students to help them learn, grow, and be successful. Learn more here.

    Amelia Ballejo

Lubbock High Feeder Pattern Elementary Representative Candace Kemp - Wright Elementary

  • Candace Kemp impacts the lives all students at Wright Elementary. Students are intrinsically motivated to learn. Find out more here.

    Candace Kemp

Monterey Feeder Pattern Elementary Representative Ursula Rangel-Bergman - Miller Elementary School

  • Ursula Rangel-Bergman enables students to feel success inside and outside the classroom. Find out more here.

    Ursula Rangel-Bergman

Secondary Finalists

Coronado Feeder Pattern Secondary Representative Josh Shaw - Coronado High School

  • Josh Shaw cares for students by making them feel wanted, needed, and that they belong. Find out more here.

    Josh Shaw

Estacado Feeder Pattern Secondary Representative Shannon McMackin Talkington SYWL

  • Shannon McMackin ensures students of Talkignton SYWL are college and life ready. Find out more.

    Shannon McMackin Talkington School for Young Women Leaders

Lubbock High Feeder Pattern Secondary Representative Nicholas Reeves

  • Nicholas Reeves is a leader at Lubbock High School. He helps students achieve at the highest level through his passion for what he teaches. Find out more.

    Nicholas Reeves

Monterey Feeder Pattern Secondary Representative Nathan Haltom - Evans Middle School

  • Nathan Haltom wants his studnets to become smarter, but he wants them to be better peeople, too. Learn more here.

    Nathan Haltom