English I International Scholars 2021 Summer Reading


    Dear incoming freshmen, 

    As you end the final days of your 8th-grade year, we at Lubbock High would like to usher you into the next part of your academic journey: high school. You will face monsters and obstacles of many kinds – tests, quizzes, due dates, late study nights, copious amounts of stress, and the newness that often accompanies unfamiliar territory. You will come across many situations that challenge you and force you to adapt or restructure your understanding of the world. It’s a dangerous road, but you won’t be alone. 

    First off, we want to begin with this mentality in mind: English I International Scholars is designed with the goal to prepare you for the higher academic route, to prepare you for the high standards set by College Board, and, most importantly, to help you grow into a lifelong learner and reader. If you work hard on improving your critical reading, thinking, and writing skills, success on STAAR is easily attainable.  

    Secondly, we also want you to be aware that this is a writing and reading-intensive course. You can expect homework on top of reading the assigned novel outside of class. Be aware of the expectations of the course so that you can make the best choice for your academic pursuits. 


    This year’s summer reading focuses on the themes of racial prejudice and injustice. You will be reading one of America’s most iconic and classic books: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. 


    We look forward to meeting you next year!

    Ron VanDon   Barbara Henson 


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