English III IB 2020 Summer Reading

  • Summer Reading Assignment – IB English 3
    Introduction to Readers, Writers, and Texts

    Welcome to IB English literature! Over the next two years, we will be reading a variety of literary genres including fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and poetry. These texts span a range of historical periods and include works translated from several different languages.

    One objective of this course, IB states:

    “Students will be involved in processes of critical response and creative production, which will help shape their
    awareness of how texts work to influence the reader and how readers open up the possibilities of texts.”

    - IB Language A: literature guide: first assessment 2021

    In short, we will be looking at how we, as readers, interpret texts and how texts influence readers on a global scale. If this sounds scary, don’t be intimidated! We are just at the beginning of the course and your summer reading assignment will help prepare the interpretive skills needed to succeed in all IB courses.


    Over the summer you will read two books (excerpts from one, and a full novel):

    *Due to the constraints of access caused by COVID-19, I will upload PDF copies of both texts to Google Classroom.

    You are welcome to obtain your own copies of both books if you’d like, or contact a current IB junior to acquire their copies.

    Required chapters* from How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Revised Edition):

    ● Every Trip is a Quest
    ● Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion
    ● …More Than It’s Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violence
    ● If She Comes Up, It’s Baptism
    ● Is That a Symbol?
    ● Never Stand Next to the Hero
    ● It’s All Political
    ● Yes, She’s a Christ Figure, Too
    ● Geography Matters…
    ● …So Does Season
    ● Don’t Read with Your Eyes
    ● It’s My Symbol and I’ll Cry If I Want To

    You may have already read these HTRLLAP chapters for International Scholars; however, I encourage you to re-read them as there will be a test on both summer readings on Monday, August 24th – the second full week of school.

    Over the summer you will also complete two short Learner Portfolio assignments:

    These assignments will be posted and submitted in Google Classroom, so please join using the below code ASAP
    ● Google Classroom code: 6w3ayjz

    Both assignments will require you to reflect on sections of Foster’s book paired with Life of Pi. The Learner Portfolio is a crucial component to the IB HL Literature curriculum; the summer assignments will be your first entries in this portfolio.

    The Learner Portfolio itself may be a digital file, a notebook, or anything you feel comfortable writing in.

    Have a great summer and I look forward to teaching you all in the fall! Feel free to email me with any questions,
    concerns, or to simply introduce yourself.

    - Mr. Tow