• Dear Future Cavalier:

    Think about this: in only a few short months, you will be attending middle school! How exciting!

    When you attend Cavazos Middle School, you will be attending a school with some of the most amazing educational opportunities.

    Cavazos Middle School features:

    • Excellent academic opportunities, including Pre-AP courses that help you prepare for high school and college,
    • One-of-a-kind fine arts opportunities, including orchestra, band, choir, mariachi, piano, art, media art, and much more,
    • Exemplary athletic opportunities, including swimming and diving teams (LISD has the only swimming program in the entire South Plains area),
    • Awesome campus life opportunities, including student government, various clubs, cheerleading, and so much more

    All of us  at Cavazos Middle School are excited to have you join us soon. Before you begin your first day of middle school, we have some very exciting events planned just for you:

    • On November 29th, you will visit Cavazos Middle School during the school day. Transportation will be provided for you and you’ll be welcomed like superstars, meet many of our current students, and get to hear all about Cavazos directly from people who have been in your shoes. This is a great way for you to become familiar with your new school & hear about what it’s really like to be a Cavalier & we can’t wait to have you!
    •  You and your parents are also invited to attend an open house for future Cavaliers on November 30th from 6--7:30 p.m.  
    •  This summer, the school will be open for you to familiarize yourself with the building and in the summer you will be invited to attend 6th grade orientation in August before school begins.

     Please visit with your elementary school principal or counselor about regular and magnet transfer requests. The deadline for ALL TRANSFERS is Feb. 17, 2017 and applications are ONLINE only.

    We want you to do your very best as you complete your time in elementary school this year and please know that we are all overjoyed to meet you at the end of this month and see you at Cavazos Middle School in August.

    See you soon!

    Marti Makuta

    Principal, Cavazos Middle School