• Officers:

    President - Aaron Chavira

    Vice President - Emily Bloodworth

    Secretary - Nadia Huerta

    Historian - Cole Moore

    Treasurer - Sadie Gillespie



    Meadows- Benjamin Mendoza

    Miranda- Sophia Steppe

    Reyes- Aaron Hall

    Carter- David Ramirez


    1st Grade:

    Vasquez- Carlos Huerta

    Cervera- Amaia Brittsan

    Williams- Carter Meadows

    Balderas- Addison Chavira


    2nd Grade:

    Rodriguez- Jalyn Ancell

    Cantu- EmBree Wilson

    Reyes- Lila Petmecky

    Monsisvais- Makeda Douglas

    Petmecky- Fabian Le-Zuniga


    3rd Grade:

    Kim- Mahider

    Clinich- Irene Hart

    Castro- Rowdy Johnson

    Dement- Olivia Phillips


    4th Grade:

    De la Dala- Lezzay Obregon

    Gonzalez- Felipe De Farias

    Bolhken- Mihini Gunarathna


    5th Grade:

    Torres- Mireya Granados

    Rich- Zeriaha Segura

    Hammons- Mikhail Rosendo


  • Jose S. Ramirez Student Council is a group of students who are responsible, kind, have leadership qualities, and are passionate about our school. They were elected by their classmates and teachers. They participate and lead in events such as the U Can Share Food Drive, Teacher Talent Show, delivering food sacks, and many other programs. There is a representative for every class Kinder-5th grade as well as 5 officers. 

  • Valentine's Day Party Box Set

    Come by the Library in the morning (7:30-7:55) or after school (3:20-40) to buy a Valentine's day set. Each box includes 16 cards that can be passed out during parties! The box can then be used as a mailbox to receive cards as well.

    Only $5!


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