• Equipment Life Cycles LISD


    District goal #4 - LISD will embrace and sustain modern technology tools and digital resources as a fully integrated system to equip, prepare, and empower future-ready learners.

    In order to sustain modern technology tools, it is necessary to formulate and communicate a standard life cycle* for equipment.

    Purchasing is centralized to take the burden off campus-level administrators and ensure our teachers and students have fully functioning technology tools. Responsibilities for funding district instructional standards will utilize District Technology budgets. Administrative and elective technology will be funded through school budgets.


    Life cycle

    Cost per year

    Instructional focus

    Chrome devices

    4 years


    Student - Teacher


    4 years


    Student - Teacher


    5 years


    Teacher display

    Large touch Display

    8 years


    Core Classroom

    Laptop computer

    3 years


    Elective mobile

    Desktop Monitors

    10 years


    Student - Admin

    At the end of a life cycle, devices are replaced with devices that meets current industry and district standards. Replaced devices will be removed from service.**

    * Methodology for determining life cycle:

    • Industry standards for devices in question
    • Operating systems and change cycles
    • Environment (wear and tear)
    • Ruggedness of device
    • Cost analysis of replacing the device Battery life of mobile devices
    • Manufacturers Q&A (Apple expects customers to use iPads 3 years)

    ** The rationale for removing devices include: 

    • Pose a security risk to individuals or the district
    • Cannot be updated to current versions of operating systems
    • Cannot be serviced in a reasonable time or at a reasonable cost
    • Are unreliable causing delays in instructional delivery or use
    • Are being replaced by up-to-date devices
  • Document cameras are no longer supplied by the technology office. Document cameras that were supplied in the past but are no longer supported:

    • SMART Document Camera SDC-330 - End of Support  March 2015

    • SMART Document Camera SDC-450 - End of Support December 2022

    Supported document cameras can be found on the Technology Catalog to be purchased by campuses.