• Audio/Video Production, Grades 10-12, 2 Credits (CTE College Credit) Ward, Devin

    Students will develop an understanding of the audio/video industry with a focus on shooting and editing video. Students will also be introduced to live productions at LISD-TV. Classes are taught by LISD-TV staff members. Students prepare to earn the Adobe Premiere certification. (13008500) (YTVR11) (ATC/LISD TV)
    Advanced Audio/Video Production, Grades 11-12, 2 Credits Dixon, Kenneth

    An advanced understanding of the media industry with a focus on pre-production, production, and post-production activities are taught to students. Classes will be taught at LISD-TV by LISD-TV staff. This course may be implemented in an advanced audio format or an advanced format including both audio and video. Prerequisite: Audio/Video Production.(13008600) (YTVR21) (ATC/LISD TV)
    Internship in Audio/Video Production, Grades 11-12, 3 Credits Dixon, Kenneth

    This third-year course will increase understanding of the audio/video industry with a focus on applying pre-production, production and post-production audio and video activities in studio environment at LISD-TV and mentored by LISD-TV staff. Instruction may be delivered through lab-based or career preparation opportunities. Application required.Prerequisite: Audio/Video Production. (13008700) (YTVP31) (ATC/LISD TV)

    Animation, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit (CTE College Credit)  Olden, Brenda

    Students develop technical knowledge and skills needed to introduce to the animation industry. Students will be expected to understand experience and complete the creative process of making a 2-D animation. Students will produce real world projects. (13008300) (YTAR11) (ATC)
    Advanced Animation, Grades 11-12, 2 Credits Olden, Brenda

    Careers in animation span all aspects of motion graphics. Within this context, in addition to developing advanced knowledge and skills needed for success in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications career cluster, students will be expected to create two- and three-dimensional animations. The instruction also assists students seeking careers in the animation industry. Students prepare to earn the Adobe Flash Certification. Prerequisite: Animation.(13008400) (YTAR21) (ATC)
    Graphic Design & Illustration, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit Garcia, Dottie

    Welcome to the exciting world of visual communication. This course introduces students to the Adobe Creative Suite software which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or In Design. Graphic Design is everywhere you look. Think packaging, advertising, brochures, signage, corporate identity, magazines, and the internet. Graphic Design shapes our communication in a visual world and as such, is a broad and flexible discipline offering amazing possibilities. Studying graphic design will encourage students to identify and develop their own individual creative personalities. Students will also create web pages and web animations for internet publications. (13008800) (YTGR21) (ATC)
    Commercial Photography, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit Grace, Brandon

    Fashion illustration cultivates contemporary visual fashion design skills using digital technologies. This course teaches students to use the Adobe Creative Suite software to create digital cutting edge fashion garments focusing on new trends. Students will create their own design labels and their own designs. Students will work towards the development of Fashion Collections using an individual digital toolbox finally communicating these ideas through a web & computer based portfolio. (13008800) (YTGR11) (ATC)
    Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration, Grades 11-12, 2 Credits Garcia, Dottie

    This course has been specifically designed to take you from an intermediate level of using Adobe Photoshop to being proficient in the advanced graphics features of this incredible photo editing and graphics design application. Students prepare to earn the Adobe Photoshop certification.

    Prerequisite: Graphic Design & Illustration. (13008900) (YTGR41) (ATC)
    3-D Modeling & Animation, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit [Weighted Credit]  Rollo, Reid

    Fine Arts credit under all graduation plans for students entering 9th grade in 2012-2013 and thereafter

    3-D Modeling and Animation consists of computer images created in a virtual 3-dimensional (3-D) environment. 3-D Graphic Modeling & Animation has applications in many careers, including criminal justice, crime scene, and legal applications; engineering and design; and the movie and the game industries. Students in this course will produce various 3-D models of real-world objects. (03580510) (EISH11) (ATC)
    Advanced 3D Graphics, Grades 11-12, 2 Credits [Weighted Credit] Rollo, Reid

    Using the Autodesk maya software, this course teaches intermediate skills which will be used to create a series of project-based lessons designed to guide students through the process of creating and generating animation. This course builds on the modeling skills learned in the beginning course and teaches students how to texture map, add visual effects, animate, and render. Topics include detailed modeling, editing at the vertex and face levels, and development of complex materials. Prerequisite: 3-D Modeling & Animation. (03580900) (EISH 21) (ATC)