• A little summary of the AVID program…..AVID is an elective course, meant to be taken each year throughout high school to ensure your student is on a path to college and/or career readiness. In class, they are taught organizational skills, note-taking skills, study and test-taking skills. AVID tutors also come into the class twice per week to work with the students on student-led and student-driven tutoring for their core classes. They maintain an AVID binder, which they take to each class, and is checked weekly by their AVID teachers. In order to be in the AVID program, a student must take at least two Pre-AP courses that will help prepare them for the rigorous course work of college. In fact, students who challenge themselves and take honor courses are more likely to attend college! We will also bring in motivational speakers, work on team building and building self-worth, goal setting, and students will attend field trips.


    Expectations for Your AVID Student at Lubbock High School

    1. Student will participate in the program throughout high school and have a positive attitude.

    2. Student will complete all homework and class assignments for all courses in a timely fashion.

    3. Student will be prepared for all classes and organized (with their binder).

    4. They will be an active learner in class, be attentive, and take Cornell Notes.

    5. They will come prepared with questions for their AVID tutors on tutoring days and participate fully.

    6. If they are missing work or failing courses, they will take the initiative to speak with that teacher and arrange tutoring or make up work.

    7. You are responsible for your grades and for your own learning.

    8. AVID is a class, therefore, grades will be taken and assignments given.

    9. Being in AVID is a privilege and enrollment is an honor. Behave accordingly and always represent your AVID class and school.

    10. Be a sponge! Soak up all the information given to you and apply it to your life!


    Strategies your students are learning in AVID:


    Þ Cornell Note Taking

    Þ Organization– binder and calendars for important information

    Þ Socratic seminars

    Þ Philosophical Chairs