• Purchasing Overview (PDF) Purchasing Overview (PDF)


    Topic: Purchasing Overview

    Reference or Contact:          Executive Director of Purchasing/Contract Services


    The Lubbock Independent School District’s Purchasing/Contract Services Department, a support organization within Financial Services, is charged with the responsibility of creating a healthy and competitive atmosphere among a large number of vendors in accordance with the Purchasing Code of Ethics for the acquisition of goods and services requested by instructional and administrative departments.

    The executive director of purchasing/contract services shall be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive procurement system for the Lubbock Independent School District.  This purchasing system shall be in accordance with local, state, and federal statutes or ordinances, good business practices, school board policies and the provisions in the annual budget adopted by the Board of Trustees for the current fiscal year.

    Employees of the department perform the following duties associated with their respective areas of responsibility:

    • Review purchase requisitions for complete specificationsand correct account coding.
    • Assist individuals on the use of the District’s electronic requisition system.
    • Convert purchase requisitions to purchase orders, while following any special instructions including walk-through, confirmation, and faxed purchase orders.
    • Contact vendors regarding returns and/or warranties.
    • Contact vendors regarding problems or delivery

    The purchasing/contract services department shares with the finance department and other administrative offices the responsibility of expending District funds in such a manner that all transactions will pass numerous audits with respect to state, federal, and district procurement regulations.

    Acquisition of the requested goods and services by the Purchasing/Contract Services Department shall be made only by the issuance of an official numbered purchase order.

    Upon receipt of a properly executed purchase requisition, the Purchasing/Contract Services Department may request quotations or advertise for bids/proposals for items listed on the requisition or buy under existing contracted items, annual pricing programs, and catalog discount programs.

    Any commitment to acquire goods or services in the name of the District for personal use or ownership is prohibited.  Any individual making such a commitment may be liable to prosecution.