Specialty Program Overview

  • When today’s 6th graders were born in 2005, the podcast was voted most useful word of the year, YouTube was launched and USB flash drives replaced floppy discs. Technology has continued to evolve and improve by leaps and bounds. The faculty and staff at Cavazos Middle School are focused on continuing their education and proficiencies in all aspects of their professional careers, including technology. We are committed to incorporating technology in creative and engaging ways. And we love to learn from our students. 11- and 12-year-olds were born fidgeting with devices. So, Cavazos Middle School floods them with technology nearly eliminating the need for notebook paper. Digital learning is an important part of developing students for tomorrow, now.

    The fine arts program at our school is unique. In addition to band, choir, and orchestra, we have theater, mariachi, and piano. Our students thrive under the vigorous enthusiasm of our instructors. Fine arts are much more than a “fun” class. They bring the promise and opportunity for growth, grit, and growing brains. Not only do these classes have a positive effect on math, science, and literacy skills, but also in the actual physical growth of your brain. Did you know that no other art form, hobby or activity can produce the same level of lasting neurological benefits as music? Music makes you smarter. And we are proud to boast that we are the only middle school in Lubbock with Mariachi and piano.   

    Our mission at Cavazos Middle School is progress for ALL. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that all our students are successful. Progress for students, staff, and our school.  This happens through intentional planning/innovation and passion for ALL. We promote high expectations and strive to provide a safe; culturally sound environment.  

    We’d look forward to seeing your progress as a Cavazos Cavalier.