Matthew's Academy 22-23 Bus Schedule

  • Bus 108

    Morning Schedule:

    • Monterrey HS
      • Arrtive 7:25a
      • Depart 7:27a
    • Coronado HS
      • Arrive 7:36a
      • Depart 7:38a
    • Lubbock HS
      • Arrive 7:51a
      • Depart 7:53a
    • Estacado HS
      • Arrive 8:07a
      • Depart 8:10a

    Arrive @ Matthew's Academy by 8:20a

    Afternoon Schedule:

    Leave Matthews Academy by 4:20p

    • Arrive At...
      • Estacado @ 4:30p
      • Lubbock HS @ 4:40p
      • Coronado @ 4:52p
      • Monterey @ 5:00p

    Only eligible students are allowed to ride the school bus. Students are asked to be at their bus stop 5 minutes early in the mornings to avoid the risk of missing the bus. The times listed on the schedule are the times the bus is expected to be at each stop in good weather. Inclement weather or traffic congestion may cause the bus to run later than the listed times.

    Loading and unloading are the most dangerous procedures in school bus operations. For the safety of everyone involved, the bus should not be pursued once it has left the bus stop. The driver should not be distracted once the door is closed and preparations to move the bus are underway. Parents are responsible for the transportation for students who miss the bus.

Yellow Bus on purple background with Bus Schedule on Top in big letters