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  • All Academic Events – No Speech Events

    • Schools will be divided into 2 divisions (1A, 2A, 3A ) , (4A, 5A, 6A)
    • Contest materials are TMSCA, A+ Computer Science, and HEXCO
    • Math, number sense, calculator, and science events will be divided into grade levels by divisions
    • To ensure the tournament runs smoothly, journalism, ready writing and computer applications entries are limited per school. (4 for journalism, 3 for ready writing and comp. apps)
    • Ready Writing will be done offsite. The prompt will be emailed to coaches the Thursday before the event.  Students will write on their own campuses (according to contest rules).  Coaches will turn in ready writing papers at registration the day of the meet.
    • Registration and fees are due on or before Monday, October 30th to Cecilee Echols: email (cechols@lubbockisd.org).  
    • Please share this information with interested schools and coaches.

    Fees:  $8.00 per entry/per contest; exception, journalism and ready writing which are $12.00 per entry/per contest.

    Registration forms, updated schedule, room numbers, etc. available at www.chs.lubbockisd.org.

    Email Cecilee Echols: cechols@lubbockisd.org with questions.

  • Non-math/science events: 1st – 3rd medals, 4th – 10th ribbons: per event/per division

  • Math, number sense, calculator, science:  1st – 3rd medals, 4th – 10th ribbons: per grade/per contest/per division.  Science:  Medals for top Biology, Chemistry and Physics per division

  • 1st and 2nd team awards: per event/per division; 1st and 2nd Sweepstakes award: per division