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Atkins Middle School Counseling Dept.

  • Faith Tambasi

    6th Grade Counselor


  • Melinda Thomas

    7th Grade Counselor


  • Megan Talbert

    8th Grade Counselor


  • A Message to Parents


    Middle school is a very significant transition time in your student’s life. Middle school is set up to take care of kids according to where they are developmentally.  We are here because we love working with middle school age kids and helping them through this awkward stage of life.

    Sometimes this age can be a challenge for parents.  As your child moves through this adolescent phase their focal point will move from parents to friends.  They will do a “come close/get away” dance with you.  They are trying to seek independence but will need supervision and guidance more than ever.  They want freedom but desire and need structure.

    We encourage you to stay involved in their lives, ask questions, come to school and know their friends.  It is a very important time to stay connected!  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call us.