History of Centennial Elementary School

    On April 4, 1907, the Texas Legislature created the Lubbock Independent School District, a full two years before the City of Lubbock was incorporated. Early settlers were convinced that a strong school system was essential to the success of the community. That commitment to LISD continued as voters passed the 2004 bond program which provided funding for two new elementary schools. In honor of the heritage of LISD and in tribute to the community, this school was named in recognition of the "Centennial" of Lubbock ISD.

    The school was built to accommodate 500 students, with 25 classrooms, a "cafetorium" which combines the cafeteria with a connected stage for use as an auditorium and stage area. There are two computer labs, a science lab, a dedicated music room and a dedicated art room, complete with a kiln. The secure environment also includes a large multi-purpose room, a gymnasium and a special education room. Classes began on August 27, 2007.

    Mascot & School Colors Selection

    On May 1, 2007, a committee of Centennial teachers, parents, students and administrators met at Mackenzie Middle School to decide upon its mascot and school colors. Mackenzie Principal, John Carter, provided refreshments for the event. The committee consisted of staff members including Principal Glen Teal, Assistant Principal Cary Short, Davida Burks (teacher) & Sheila Delony (teacher). Parents in attendance were Frank & Amy Monclova, Stella Dimba, Katherine Wilchenski & Betty Fuentes. Students in attendance included Jake Monclova, Brett Wilchenski, and Krislynn Cedillo. The committee agreed that since Centennial was the namesake of Lubbock ISD’s 100th Anniversary, we should adopt the same colors that are represented in the district’s motto: red, white, and blue.

    After much brainstorming and discussion over the mascot selection, the committee determined that our mascot should be an extension of LISD’s motto, “Where the future takes flight.” The committee discussed various possibilities such as an eagle, but unanimously decided that a rocket was a perfect representation of our future taking flight.

    Motto Development

    The Centennial Leadership Team convened on June 7, 2007 at Sheila Delony’s home since the school was not yet complete. The team consisted of Angie North (Pre-K), Ashley Artz (K), Vicky Picon (1st), Davida Burks (2nd), Dana Davis (3rd), Amy Turner (4th), Rudy Reyes (5th), Cari Thompson (5th), April Tryon (Music), Lupe Arocha (Secretary), Glenna Payne (Counselor), Cary Short (Assistant Principal) and Glen Teal (Principal). The team began by listing words by which we would hope Centennial students would be known by in 5-10 years. From that meaningful list of words, we talked about our namesake being about a celebration of LISD’s 100 years of excellence. And then we discussed the importance of expecting the best effort from each person at Centennial. Combining these thoughts, the team developed the mission and motto for Centennial Elementary: “Celebrate every child’s excellence.” In other words, we have pledged to actively watch for moments when a student is giving his/her best effort and then celebrate those moments. It has led our leadership team to further develop this concept into having a B.L.A.S.T. at Centennial by: Being our best, Leading the way, having Awesome attitudes, making Safe choices and Thinking first.