Office of Innovation

Office of Innovation
  • Lubbock ISD’s mission is to nurture, develop and inspire "Every Child Every Day." The Office of Innovation's plan includes five components, which are modeled from the System of Great Schools: oversee the district’s school development strategy, offer strategic school support, transform state-identified Improvement Required campuses, expanded school access, and offer new, high-quality educational options for students.

    Levers of Change - Implementing the System of Great Schools (SGS) strategy will require Lubbock ISD to strengthen and build upon the following:

    • Support and equip all students through caring professionals delivering high-quality programming
    • Equip and maintain facilities that promote and foster a culture of equity, safety, civility and productivity in all learning environments.
    • Engage, build and nurture strong relationships within the community.
    • Attract, develop, retain and reward highly effective teachers.
    • Will be responsible stewards of resources provided by the public.


  • System of Great Schools
  • Teacher Incentive Allotment
  • Systems of Great Schools - LISD Campuses
  • Grants and Research Administration
  • Department Contacts
  • Afterschool Centers on Education / 21st Century
  • Share Your Innovative Idea