Ms. Meet the Parsons Pirates....



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Meet the Parsons Pirates....

Mary-Katherine Arias 1st grade teacher

Birthday: May 24 

I love the color blue! I collect antique books and globes. My favorite Sonic drink is Coke Zero with vanilla and cream. I love all mexican food and bbq. My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland. My favorite places to shop are Amazon, Target, and Barnes and Nobles. I love Rosa's and Rudy's. I really am not fond of potato chips and Pepsi.


Amanda George PPCD teacher

Birthday: June 8th

My favorite color is baby pink! I like to collect cute tiny animal trinkets from thrift stores. My favorite sonic drink is a Vanilla Coke. My favorite food is spaghetti and anything salty like pickles, chips and beef jerky. I love to look at fashion magazines. I love shopping at target and eating at Dion’s (I used to work there!). I hate sweet pickles and I don’t really like sweets/chocolate. But I do love cheesecake.


Karen Barnett-Administrative Asst./Secretary

Birthday: Dec. 1st

Favorite Colors:Blues, Blacks,Browns

I collect: crosses, anything DALLAS COWBOYS, Willow Tree Angels, Scentsy and...I LOVE GIFT CARDS!

Sonic Drink: Dr.Pepper or Peach sweet tea

Favorite Foods: Steak, pizza, mexican, chinese, cupcakes!

Favorite books: Bible, anything Christian

Favorite places to shop: Mardel's, Hobby Lobby, WalMart, Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse, Chick fil A, Panda Express, Orlando's



Lillie Speck, Speech and Language Pathologist

Birthday: Dec. 2

My favorite color would be gold! I collect different types of elephants that can be displayed in my classroom/home. My favorite sonic drink is vanilla cream Dr. Pepper.  I love eating Mexican food or Chinese! I love shopping at Target, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and did I mention Target! My favorite restaurants are Anna's, Caprock, and Chic-fil-A! I don't like any kind of nut/peanut butter!


Kathryn D Kovar Kindergarten 

Birthday: May 10

I love the color purple and teal.    I collect rustic metal and country decor for my house.   I love Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper. I love Roadhouse, Orlando's  and Rosa's. I love to shop at Lane Bryant and Hobby Lobby.


LeAnn Wauson  Prekindergarten Teacher

Birthday: March 16th

I have taught pre-k for LISD for 11 years and 10 of those years have been here at Parsons!  Some of my favorite colors are turquoise and pink. I collect crosses and craft supplies. My favorite Sonic drink is a Coke Zero with Lemon.  My favorite foods are BBQ and tacos. Some of the books I like to read are by the author Becky Thompson and Sherlock Holmes books. I absolutely love to shop and when I do I love Target, Catos, and Kohls.  When my family goes out to eat, we love to go to Texas Roadhouse or to Albarrans.


Bonnie Nixon Kindergarten teacher

Birthday: Dec 03

I like all the colors, don't really have a favorite. I enjoy lemonade with blackberry added from Sonic and Cheesecake Factory is my "go to" place for a wonderful meal. I don't shop much because it would just be something else I would have to dust.


Dionne McCowen - Attendance Clerk/Registrar

Birthday: May 3rd

I am married w/ 4 kids. My favorite pastime is spending time with my family. I enjoy collecting black & white cows, crosses & Christian fiction books. I also enjoy most sports, eating chips & salsa (most Mexican food), or Pepsi, Dr Pepper or Coke.


Donna Weaver 2nd grade teacher

Birthday: April 24

colors-blue/purple  Sonic drink-Dr.Pepper Like candles, magnets, Christmas ornaments, children's books  Like Reeses PB cups, doritos, any desert Like to go to movies, read, shop at Target/Walmart. I don’t like floral scents.


Stacey Hensley-Instructional Coach

Birthday: November 2

Red is my favorite color.  Turquoise comes in 2nd. I love history and visiting antique stores to look at old postcards and quilts.  When I travel I collect magnets. I also like to collect quotes! My favorite drink is a diet coke with cherry.  Chips and salsa is my go-to snack. In my free-time, I love to watch my kids play sports or just hang out with them in general.  Photography is a side hobby. I love to read any historical book and study the Bible. I am not a fan of 100+ degree days.


Melissa Smerud-SEBSS

Birthday: November 12

I love to collect crosses, Halloween, Fall, and Christmas items. My favorite Sonic drink is Water with Mango and Lemon. I love to eat Mexican food, pizza, and Chicken Spaghetti. I love to read books such as Joyce Meyers, Beth Moore, and others like that. I lie to shop at WalMart, Mardels, and Target. Rosa's and Burger King are two of my favorite fast food places to eat. I do not like the smell of pine or lavendar.


Elizabeth Martin 4th grade Teacher

Birthday:June 8th

Favorite Color - teal, yellow, black, white

Collections - Office supplies (markers, colored pens, expos) - Disney, butterflies

Sonic Drink - sweet tea or vanilla coke with cream 

Books - I love books - mysteries are my favorite ( Alex Cross or Agatha Christie)

Places to Shop - Khols, Micheals, Joanns, Hobby Lobby

Restaurant - Sonic, Taco Villa, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A


David Gray Pre-K

Birthday: April 12th

Color: red, Sonic: sweet green tea, Food: steak and chips and salsa, Books: not really :-(, Places to shop: Academy Sports, Restaurant: Picantes. I don’t really like raisins.


Kendra Manriquez, TA

Birthday: January 6th

I like the color Red, Pandas and different anime collections, favorite drink is strawberry sprite and strawberry sweet tea, foods are Mexican or Chinese , I read comics, I shop at hot topic box lunch and Walmart, my favorites are Olive Garden Chick-fil-A Taco Villa and China Star.


Rebecca Picon  Teaching Assistant

Birthday: October 22

My favorite colors are blue and black. I like sweet tea to drink and love to eat Mexican food and bar-b-que. I love to read romantic novels, especially Danielle Steel.


Lisa Scott      School Counselor

Birthday: April 29th

My likes: Teal 

Willow Tree Figurines, Crosses, 

Water with Raspberry and Lemon

All Food but Seafood

Books- no thank you

Target, Walmart, JcPenny, Kohls

Any Restaurant but Seafood

My dislikes: 

seafood, licorice candy


April Valdez Pre-K Inclusion

Birthday: December 28th

Hello my name is April. My favorite color is neon green. I LOVE Dr. Pepper, Mexican food, Reese’s pieces and Big Red.. I LOVE to shop at Target and Bath and Body Works.I really don’t like Pepsi and perfumes.


Jennifer Bownds - 2nd Grade Math Teacher

Birthday: July 15

My favorite color is pink.  I do not collect anything. My favorite sonic drink is a vanilla Dr. Pepper.  I love Mexican food and I love white chocolate mocha coffee.


Laura Trevino   TA SEBSS

Birthday: October 28

My favorite color is purple, I collect cute cats, and crosses. I like baking and working in the yard. I like to read but have not read anything new in a while. I like to go to Hobby Lobby or Target to shop. I like Powerade and 1/2 sweet tea @ Sonic. I like trying new restaurants, but nothing raw. I enjoy honey roasted peanuts, limon chips and chocolate. Sushi is the only thing I can think of that I don’t like.


Michelle Wolfe TA SPED

Birthday: April 11th

Color is green, drink is Diet Vanilla Coke, Target, Ulta, Boutiques, KK's, Mexican food, Razoo's, Chuy's, and Salt Grass.


Donna Watson-Library Clerk

Birthday: February 16

My favorite color is purple. I also like turquoise and yellow. I don't really collect anything, but I enjoy cookbooks, cool pens and notepads. My favorite Sonic drinks are Cranberry Lemon Water and Diet Dr Pepper. My current favorite foods are low carb snacks such as nuts and cheese. I like shopping at Hobby Lobby and love any Mexican food.


Kylie Garza 5th Grade ELAR

Birthday: June 7th

Here are a few of my favorite things so you can know me a little bit better. I love the color yellow, I love to collect coffee mugs specific to holidays My favorite Sonic drink is a Dr. Pepper with raspberry and cream. I could eat italian and mexican food all day every day. My favorite author is Stephen King. I'll never say "no" to a Target, Barnes & Noble, American Eagle, Starbucks, or Chipotle run. I am not a big fan of sweets, but will still eat chocolate. I don't like trail mix or hot chips (Hot Cheetos, Takis, or anything like that).


Daphne Masson Kindergarten Teacher

Birthday: Feb 1

My favorite color is all shades of pink.  Sonic drinks I enjoy are: strawberry-lemon fruit slush, cherry coke, and cherry limeade.  My favorite foods to snack on are: sweet and salty trail mixes, caramel candies, and taffy.  I like to collect purses and coin bags along with crazy socks. I love all things Texas Tech and love shopping at Red Raider Outfitter.  One of my favorite restaurants is Red Lobster. I don’t really like coffee.


Katie Duffy PreK

Birthday: August 25th

I like ALL colors! Mostly brights, jewel tones and black. I collect hearts and shop at Barnes & Noble, TJ Maxx, Costco and resale shops. I do not do Sonic drinks. I only drink water and my organic tea. I eat clean which means no fast food, no sugar, lots of organic fruits and vegetables. The only restaurants I will eat at are: Chipotle, Panera and Craft House. I love to go to movies with my family. My passion is yoga, meditation and reading. I don’t really like soft drinks, wheat, sugar, fast food.


Andrew Dover PE Assistant

Birthday: 08-03

I’m an alumni of LCU here in Lubbock so Blue would have to be my favorite color. My favorite Sonic Drink is Dr Pepper. Can’t go wrong with a pepperoni pizza. Like to shop at Cardinals and favorite restaurant would have to be Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza.


Mackenzie Meyers. 3rd grade Reading

Birthday: May 7th

I love the color blue. I enjoy Dr. Pepper from sonic almost daily. I love Mexican food, especially chicken fajitas or queso. Target, Ulta, and Homegoods is where all my money goes.


Melinda Foster PK TA

Birthday: April 16

My favorite color is black, I collect angels. my favorite drink at sonic is cherry limeade without ice. I love Italian, Chinese, and Spanish food. No favorite book. Love love to shop at Ross  and Burlington. My favorite restaurant is Chili's and Cheddars.


Jay McAndrew Paraprofessional

Birthday: Feb 22

My favorite colors are Green, Blue, or Purple. I'm a huge fan of music and a musician. I love plants and cooking. My favorite sonic drink, Cranberry limeade.  I like Spicy food, horror and Si-fi books and movies. I shop a lot at Walmart or Ralphs Records.


Katie Madison SEBSS Teacher

Birthday: October 1st

My favorite color is blue, I love having lots of Gelocity quick dry pens and Flair Pens. My favorite drinks are Dr. Pepper and Green Tea. I love to spend my time cooking and watching Netflix. Some of my favorite foods are cookies, chinese food, Sun Chips, and caramel ice cream. I like to read the Mark of the Lion Series, the Harry Potter series, and the Joys of Love. I enjoy shopping at Old Navy and Target, and my favorite restaurants are Panda Express and Soda Shack. I dislike green beans and being late!


Cassandra Benham paraprofessional  in SEBBS

Birthday: October 31

I don't really have a favorite color.  My favorite sonic drink is diet coke with vanilla.  I love pizza and pasta. I love reading syfy and books on archaeology.  I love kohls and eating at mexican food places.


Alyssa Williams PPCD Teacher

Birthday: August 31st

My favorite color is pink. I love to collect holiday decor and holiday scented candles! My favorite sonic drink is Coke. I love all things Dr. Seuss! My favorite foods are chips, popcorn, pickles, and candy! I love to eat at Italian restaurants and Chick Fil A!


Nancy Krebbs, Librarian

Birthday: August 20th

I am also the librarian at Dupre Elementary.  This is my 20th year serving two elementary schools in LISD. In my free time I love to visit Barnes and Noble and browse through the newest children's books.  I enjoy making quilts, traveling, scrapbooking, eating at Abuelos, and drinking Sonic iced tea with lemon.


Stacey Rogers Bilberry/ First Grade Teacher

Birthday: May 24th

I love to read on my Kindle. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is Rosa's or Fazolis. I collect Willow Tree figurines and crosses. My favorite Sonic drink is sweet raspberry tea, diet Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper. I enjoy shopping at Catos, Mardels or Teacher pay Teacher. I don’t like dark chocolate.


Kathy Mullins PK Specialist 

Birthday: September 13th

I collect anything Elvis.  I love sweet tea and Mexican food.  I enjoying eat at The Plaza and Texas Roadhouse. I like shopping at Red Raider Outfitter. I do not like peanut butter cookies


Tanya Bertelson  Teacher

Birthday: 8-3

I like coke zero, red, mexican food, jx ta posh---Volcano candles


Monica Coronado 1st grade

Birthday: 11-14

I love all colors, except pink. I love candles and scented wax for my warmers. ANY scent but Vanilla.  Favorite drink is Coke. I love all junk food (hot cheetos, Jolly ranchers, Hot tamales). I like shopping at Ross, Marshalls and Target.Love Raising Cane's, Spanky's, and Rosa's.



Kasey Marrs - PE Teacher

Birthday: October 18

Red & Black

Sonic-Dr. Pepper

Snacks-Chez Mix, Cheeze-its, Any Chocolate 

Books-Any Series

Shopping-Target, Mall

Restaurant-Triple Js, Albarrons, On the Border, Chipotle, pretty much anywhere but Italian!


Tammy Narvaiz 3rd Grade

Birthday: 12/14

I'm typically not picky.  I enjoy receiving inspirational quotes, home decor (farmhouse chic) & gift cards.  My favorite color is black ('s slimming) but I favor darker tone colors. I enjoy unsweetened green tea from sonic, occasionally a diet coke.   A good percentage of my income is spent at Walmart (LOL). My favorite food is Mexican and/or Italian but you won't go wrong with McD's. Dark chocolate is the best! I don’t like floral scents.


Flora Suarez TA SEBSS

Birthday: 8-2

My favorite color is pink and teal. I like to collect elephant,sunflowers and eagles. My Favorite sonic drink is Dr. Pepper food is chinese food and my favorite places to shop is Ross.