• Cheer Squad Requirements:
    Candidates will be judged in all areas of spirit and cheerleading ability.
    70% of their score will be based on the judges and 30% on the teacher recommendation forms.
    You MUST have approval from an administrator on the required form and all 2 teacher recommendations. If you do not have the administration and teacher recommendation forms you cannot try out for the squad. 
    The Cheer Squad will consist of 7th and 8th grade students and they will be determined by their scores. The Dunbar Panther Mascot will also consist of either a 7th or 8th grade student and will be determined by their scores.
    The 2020-2021 Dunbar College Preparatory Academy Cheerleaders:
    • Janyriah Coleman 
    • Amar Atkins
    • Tashawn Spence 
    • Xzyana Zapata
      Durriyah Moses 
    • Sylvia Childress 
    • Sa'Naa Wheeler 
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    Tamara Clay