• Guadalupe Grizzlies

    Mission Statement

    At Guadalupe, we support each other in empowering our students to achieve success and become life-long learners in a positive learning environment.



    In 1922, there was a school that opened in a small-framed building. The school was located on the corner of 1st Street and Avenue O. It was located behind the present day Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church.

         In 1930, the new school building was built; although, when the school was first constructed, only the first through third grades were offered. After the school had been in operation for several years, the patrons came to the Board of Trustees with a request that the building be given the name Guadalupe. They wanted to call it Guadalupe for the name of the community it serves.
         In 1961, the “new” Guadalupe school building was built after a property exchange with the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church. This property exchange brought more land for the school. Bringing more land to the school allowed the school to teach grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. The present day Guadalupe school is now located on 1st Street and Avenue P.
         May 11, 1970, brought devastation to Lubbock, as well as the Guadalupe area, when a massive tornado came through Lubbock leaving a path of destruction. There were 28 lives lost on that day. There was quite a bit of damage that was inflicted on the Guadalupe school, but it was quickly repaired and reopened. After the tornado did so much damage to it, the school was able to add the school library. Later in 1991, a new gymnasium was built.
         Guadalupe Elementary School, over the years, has had such wonderful, supportive, and caring principals. The first principal of Guadalupe Elementary started out in the previous school building, before moving to its new location. The principal’s name was Mrs. Rae Wilmont. She was the principal from 1957 and continued to serve in the “new” building until 1968. Other principals, such as: Mr. Horace Oliver (1968-1983); Mrs. Gale Lambert (1983-1993); Mr. Ed Mullins (1993-2007); Mrs. Edwina Medrano (2007-2010), and Miss Ofelia Méndez (2010-present) help make Guadalupe Elementary a very successful school today.