• Attention:

    As of Friday, August 26, 2022 

    Half Day Fridays will be for students who already have 17 credits towards graduation. Students on Half Day Fridays will be permitted to leave the campus at 12:58 pm. 

    Mrs. Moore will maintain a list of students who are eligible for Half Day Fridays on an additional tab added to the “In the Box” list. Students will be added to the list as they reach eligibility. 

    In order to remain eligible for Half Day Fridays, students are required to schedule a Pathway Conference with Mrs. Johns. Mrs. Johns will issue the student a ticket which will be used as their Friday evening attendance excuse for Mr. Delgado. Half Day Friday privileges may be revoked at any time for noncompliance or lack of progress in Edgenuity (also documented on Half Day Friday list). 

    Students may opt to stay on campus in the afternoon to continue working on coursework. Non-eligible students will remain on campus all day on Fridays. 

    Mrs.Johns will schedule Pathway Conferences with all students to discuss post-secondary options with their parents, but meetings with non-eligible Half Day Fridays students will be on a pull out basis throughout the week. Teachers will be notified if a student will be absent from class for their Pathway Conference. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to visit me. 


    Carolyn Thompson