• The goal of Student & Parent Resolutions is to ensure that our students, parents, and guardians are able to have their issues resolved in a timely manner and for all parties to reach a resolution. Below are steps to ensure concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

    Step 1: Contact appropriate school staff

    • Parents should first conference directly with the individuals involved (teacher, coach, etc...).
    • The majority of concerns are resolved by a conversation between those involved.

    Step 2: Contact campus administrator

    • Campus administrators are responsible for all of the school's processes and procedures.
    • Campus administration can offer clarification of school policies and procedures.
    • When necessary, conferences with involved parties can be arranged to work toward a solution.

    Step 3: Contact Director of Student and Parent Resolutions

    • If Steps 1 & 2 have not resolved your concern, a meeting involving the Director of Student and Parent Resolutions can be arranged in an effort to reach a resolution.


    Department Contact Information:

    Lubbock ISD Central Office
    1628 19th 
    Lubbock, TX 79401