• Why are we doing this?

    We have been providing students with a non-traditional, safe, and nurturing environment for the past five years. To ensure that every student in Lubbock ISD is offered the opportunity to successfully graduate with a high school diploma, we must change and address the needs of the community. That need encompasses a setting that allows individualised blended learning to take place in an educational facility.

    Students come to us with diverse backgrounds. We must accept what they bring and lead them to their destination with support while building positive relationships. We have been known as the last stop for most students, but we have the opportunity to change the mindset of the district and community by becoming the only option for students when they choose to lease the traditional school setting.

    What are we doing?

    At Matthews we are moving ahead of a new trend that will change the delivery of education in the public school setting. That trend is in its primary stage of online offerings that Matthews has successfully implemented. We are using the Edgenuity online program to provide our students with the opportunity to complete their high school education with a high level of support and motivation in a safe environment. Based on what we have seen in the past at Matthews, students have been successful due to what the school community has provided them, regardless of their struggles.

    What is a Blended Personalized Learning Environment?

    Direct Instruction and Technology.

    A setting that focuses on the overall delivery of education with a variety of learning opportunities to ensure students acquire the necessary skills to become responsible, productive citizens and leaders of their community and beyond, all students will complete high school required credits online at school. Every student will have a portfolio for each assigned class that will provide them with the opportunity to take ownership of their own learning. Staff will deliver intervention and support based on individual students' needs. The Blended Personalized Learning Environment will continue to grow into a setting that may allow students to attend other facilities or enroll in courses not offered at Matthews (sports, ATC, medical, band, etc.)

    In the past, teachers spent the majority of their time at the board delivering direct instruction. The future will consist of direct instruction when needed (individual/small group starts), as well as technology to motivate and support students as they learn.