Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Courses

  • Lubbock ISD is committed to providing high-quality programming by caring professionals to enable all students to achieve their educational goals. Core curriculum courses (math, reading/language arts, science, social studies) can be taken as advanced/honors courses starting in sixth grade.


    As you take a moment to discuss next year's schedule with your child, please consider the following:

    • Questions and answers provided in the document "Are Advanced Courses Right For Me?"
    • Your child's personal interests, strengths and passions
    • Course requirements for further advancement (Advanced Math, Advanced Science)

    Example: A student taking on-level math or science in 6th grade will be unable to enroll in the corresponding advanced course in 7th grade. Similarly, a student taking on-level math or science in 7th grade will be prevented from enrolling in the corresponding 8th grade advanced course.


    To ensure all students reach their potential and maximize their opportunities in high school, students who meet specific criteria on district and/or state assessments in one or more of the four core areas are automatically enrolled in the advanced/honors version of the corresponding course(s). If your child is automatically enrolled in an advanced course, you will receive notification from the Office of Advanced Academics. The advanced/honors versions of courses are still available if your child does not meet the criteria for auto-enrollment. Visit your counselor during the scheduling window if your child does not meet these criteria. To view specific criteria for each of the core areas, click the link below.


    In the event that your child has been auto-enrolled in a course, he/she does not wish to take, you may decline to enroll them in advanced courses and move them into grade-level courses by completing the opt-out form and returning it to your child's counselor.


  • Are Advanced Courses Right for Me? (Elementary)
  • Are Advanced Courses for Me? (Middle)
  • Recommendation Criteria Overview
  • Advanced Course Opt-Out Form

Advanced Courses Information