• Lubbock ISD Procurement Services


    Mission Statement

    The Lubbock Independent School District’s Procurement Services Department is charged with the responsibility of creating a healthy and competitive atmosphere among a large number of vendors in accordance with the Purchasing Code of Ethics.

    The Procurement Services Department is a support organization of the District charged with responsibility of acquiring goods and services requested by instructional and administrative departments.

    The Director of Procurement Services shall be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive procurement system for the Lubbock Independent School District. This purchasing system shall be in accordance with local, state, and federal statutes or ordinances, good business practices, school board policies and the provisions in the annual budget adopted by the Board of Trustees for the current fiscal year.

    The comprehensive procurement system shall include written regulations and procedures as required to provide personal property and services efficiently for the District’s needs.

    In addition to procurement, the following functions fall within the scope and responsibilities of the Procurement Services Department:

    • Contract Services Administration
    • Distribution Center (Warehouse and Delivery)
    • Fixed Asset Control
    • Print Shop
    • Mailroom
    • Materials Production
    • Textbook Administration

     Lubbock ISD


    Director of Procurement Services
    Kelley Lewis, RTSBA



    Procurement Clerk




    Lubbock ISD
    Procurement Services

    1628 19th Street
    West Building, Ste. 110
    Lubbock, Texas 79401

    Telephone: (806) 219-0260
    Fax: (806) 766-1037