• Lubbock ISD Gifted and Talented

    The goal of Lubbock ISD's gifted and talented program is to provide services for children whose learning needs extend beyond the regular curriculum.

    A gifted and talented student is one that "performs or shows the potential to perform at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment" in intellectual, creative or artistic areas, leadership or specific academic fields (TEA §29.121).

    In Lubbock ISD, a student can qualify for gifted and talented services by meeting certain criteria based on a combination of evaluation sources, both quantitative metrics (ability and creativity tests) and qualitative (parent or teacher questionnaires). Your child might qualify for gifted and talented services if they:

    • Have an unusually large vocabulary and/or complex sentence structure for their age
    • Have advanced comprehension of word nuances, metaphors and abstract ideas
    • Enjoy solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles
    • Have a wide range of interest or an extreme focus in one area
    • Have highly developed curiosity
    • Have a keen and/or unusual sense of humor
    • Have a desire to organize people or things through games or complex schemas
    • Have a vivid imagination, possibly including imaginary playmates when in preschool
    • think in abstract, complex, logical and insightful processes

    If the statements above describe your child, you can submit a referral form to your child's counselor for evaluation.

    Gifted and Talented Referral Form (English)

    Forma de Referencia para Servicios de Talento y Dote Especial

    Gifted and Talented for Parents

    Whether you have a child you think may be gifted or one that has already been identified through LISD's evaluation process, the Gifted and Talented for Parents website has resources to help you and your child navigate their learning as they discover their strengths, weaknesses and interests. Information you can find on this site are:

    • Monthly Newsletter for Parents
    • Gifted and Talented Referral Form
    • Traits of Gifted Learners
    • Resources specifically for parents for different areas of giftedness
    • Information on LISD G/T processes and services
    • Frequently Asked Questions from parents
    • Information about the NEW Parent Advocacy group starting August 2022!

    If you have a student currently identified as needing G/T services but are unsure of what that looks like, please contact your student's counselor or the office of Advanced Academics to learn more.


    District Advisory Committee

    Guiding the office of Advanced Academics, the GT District Advisory Committee meets at least 4 times per year to discuss evaluation information, and advise on better GT services across the district. An end-of-year survey will be coming soon for families and staff.


    Texas Education and Gifted/Talented

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) lists Gifted/Talented as a special population, along with Dyslexia, English Language Learners, At Risk and Special Education programs. Visit TEA's GT webpage for state GT information and resources the Statewide Coordinator, Monica Brewer, recommends.

    Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students

    The Texas State Plan, revised in 2019, guides districts to accountability when it comes to serving gifted students. Through HB3, gifted programs must get to and maintain an accountability rating. For more information about the Texas State Plan, check out these resources:

  • Lubbock ISD G/T Manual (LISD Staff Only)

    Identifiying and teaching gifted children come with their own challenges, as giftedness is manifested in different ways. It is also dependent on age, area(s) of gifteness, interest, background, and experience.  The following information and resources are available for staff in the Gifted and Talented Manual linked below:

    * Monthly Newsletter

    * Identification Process (G/T Testing Coordinator information)

    * Traits of Gifted Learners

    * Professional Development and Teaching Resources

    * Gifted and Talented Referral Form