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    Lubbock ISD provides an online learning program that can meet different student needs as well as fill in the gaps. Our online learning program offers students a quality alternative to the traditional classroom. All of our online instructional programs meet the TEKS standards and may be used in a variety of applications. Providing virtual options to students enables them to enroll in a wide variety of classes and complete coursework on a schedule that works for them. 


    Lubbock ISD is changing the Learning Management System that is used for online learning from Blackboard to Edgenuity. With this change, comes changes in procedure for you as the student/parent.

    Throughout the course, there will be tests following each topic/unit. There will be about four to ten tests per subject course, depending on subject area. These tests will be proctored. Therefore, you, the student, will be required to visit Lubbock High, Coronado High, Monterey High, or Estacado High for the administration of these assessments. Computer labs at the four high schools will be available for your use Monday through Thursday, May 30 through June 26, from 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00.


    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email Garrett Luft (gluft05@lubbockisd.org) or myself (gsmith65@lubbockisd.org) or call 219-0335.



Online School Information - 2016-17 (downloadable PDF)

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