Spanish Immersion Program Overview

What is a Spanish Immersion Program?

  • Language immersion offers a unique and innovative educational opportunity. The Spanish Immersion program is designed for English-speaking students who wish to become fluent in Spanish. Students enter the program in Pre K or Kinder. The curriculum for language arts/reading, mathematics, science and social studies are delivered entirely in Spanish until third grade. Students begin formal English classes to work on comprehension, spelling, writing, grammar and decoding for reading accuracy and fluency. In third grade, reading strategies are strengthened. Students continue to work on spelling rules and writing skills. The amount of English language arts instruction increases through fifth grade. Students are expected to continue in the program until fifth grade.

    More than forty years of research consistently documents the power of immersion education to help students attain high levels of language proficiency. No other type of instruction, short of living in a non-English-speaking environment, is as successful.

    The Ramirez World Language Immersion Program is open to all students. This program is unique and is only available at Jose S. Ramirez Elementary. Because of high demand, the World Language Immersion Program follows a lottery system enrollment process. Students must meet the selection criteria to be admitted.

    Steps to be considered for the World Language Immersion Program:

    1. Attend a World Language Immersion Program Meeting in November or December
    2. Sign the World Language Immersion Program Agreement
    3. Give consent for child to be tested
    4. Commit to continuation of the program from PK through 5th
    5. Complete Magnet Transfer Form online
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