Mandarin Chinese

Phone: 806-219-6531


Degrees and Certifications:

Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction- Texas Tech M.A. in Applied English- Southern Taiwan University B.A. in English- National Kaohsiung Normal University Certifications: ELAR Grades 4-8 LOTE Mandarin Chinese Grades EC-12 Teacher's Certificate of English, Taiwan

Ms. Tseng, Wan-Chun (曾婉淳)

你好(nǐ hǎo)~

I am from Taiwan. This is my seventh year in the United States. I used to be a high school teacher in Taiwan teaching English as a foreign language for nine years. While I was working on my master's and doctoral degrees, language learning and teaching had also been the main focus in my research. It has been a pleasure to be able to teach my native language as a foreign language in Ramirez Elementary school. I hope the students have fun learning Mandarin Chinese. Besides teaching the language, I also support intervention and club enrichment. I hope I can be a great help for students' learning.