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Tuesday, April 18- English I

Tuesday, April 25 - English II

Tuesday, May 2 - Biology

Wednesday, May 3 - US History

Thursday, May 9 - Algebra I


Students testing will need to report to school and be in their assigned testing room no later than 8:15 am, or 9:00 am for Wednesday, US History.  Rosters of room assignments will be posted on the courtyard window and cafeteria window.  All students, grades 9-12 are encouraged to check these rosters, as most will be testing on the course for the first time, but many will be retesting.  Lunch will be provided after testing is completed. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a small snack & bottled water to have during testing. 

This reminder, that it is LISD policy that students may NOT have cell phones or any electronic devices in their possession during state testing.  Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, and possible invalidation of student tests may occur for any violation of this policy.  All cheating violations and disciplinary actions taken during state testing MUST BE REPORTED to the Texas Education Agency.

LISD has granted students that are NOT assigned to testing a late start on these five testing dates.  Students not assigned to testing will begin classes at 1:20 pm. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria beginning at 12:30 pm.  Classrooms will be provided as a monitored study hall for any students who are NOT testing but need to arrive prior to 12:30 pm.

Please see the CHS late start schedule on the CHS website's main page for more details about bus pick-up times and the afternoon class schedule. 

Feel free to contact Christy Loafman, CHS testing coordinator, with any questions you may have. OR 219-1142