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Ramirez Destination Imagination team will compete in NW Regional Tournament

The D.I. team won 3rd place on the Service Learning Challenge (Escape Artists)  in the Regional Tournament. This tournament took place on Saturday, February 9th in Levelland Middle School!

Our Destination Imagination team will compete in the NW Regional D.I. Tournament in Levelland on Saturday, Feb. 9th.  Our team chose a service learning challenge and helped the Ronald McDonald House by baking cookies for families staying at RMH, collecting pop tabs, and organizing RM Week at Ramirez.  They’ll perform a suspenseful story that integrates information about their service learning project. 

D.I. members are: Tinsley Drake, Elliot Hall, Rowdy Johnson, Lahna Gabel, and Drayke Johnson.  

Coaches:  Jan Lapillo-Smith and Cristina Lara-Kline


Lets wish the Best to our Ramirez DI team and coaches!!

Thank You,

Ramirez Staff

DI Team  DI Team