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Waters ES Hosts Annual Armed Forces Day

Waters Elementary School hosted its eighth Annual Armed Forces Day on Friday and invited parents and the community to participate in a day of learning and recognizing our country’s heroes. Students participated in hands-on activities, like making poppies and writing letters to active military, and asking questions of retired veterans and active duty members. They were also exposed to many interesting things, such as the value of service dogs during wartime, a real-life Marine Humvee and helicopter, and a “Hot Team” consisting of retired military members. The Vietnam Center and the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech loaned artifacts from many of the major wars for students to observe and explore.

Patriotic songs, quotes and poems were performed throughout the day. As a sign of respect for our community, a Wall of Honor was created to pay tribute to students’ family members who are active duty and retired military, and those who have paid the ultimate price.

Waters ES hosts annual Armed Forces Day