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2017 Teacher of the Year Finalists Announced

Nine Teacher of the Year (TOY) finalists were announced at the annual TOY reception at Central Office on Thursday, April 13. The finalists are:

Coronado HS Feeder Pattern
Elementary: Lindsey Sobehrad, Hardwick ES
Secondary: Joe Welborn, Coronado HS

Estacado HS Feeder Pattern
Elementary: Graciela Cano, Harwell ES
Secondary: Melissa Durham, Talkington SYWL

Lubbock HS Feeder Pattern
Elementary: Dee Parham, Wright ES
Secondary: Julio Hernandez, Hutchinson MS

Monterey HS Feeder Pattern
Elementary: Kelly Baum, Waters ES
Secondary: James Hawkins, Evans MS

Alternative Schools
Carol Alonzo, Byron Martin ATC (LISD-TV)

The district finalists will be announced at the TOY banquet on May 11. One elementary and one secondary finalist from Lubbock ISD will move on to represent the district at the regional contest. The candidates from all 51 Lubbock ISD campuses were recognized as part of the celebration. To see the full list of campus winners, click here.

From L to R: Lindsey Sobehrad, Dee Parham, Joe Welborn, Julio Hernandez, Graciela Cano, Kelly Baum, Melissa Durham, James Hawkins and Carolina Alonzo

Teacher of the Year