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Congratulations to all or our Roscoe Wilson UIL A+ Team!! The kids did a GREAT job representing us today!
Her are our results:
  • 4th Grade Art - 2nd Place: Sage Thompson
  • 2nd&3rd Grade Chess - 2nd Place Veronica Surowiec & 5th Place Davis Burrows
  • 4th&5th Grade Chess - 1st Place Hansong Zuo & 3rd Place Harrison Velasco
  • 2nd Grade Creative Writing - 3rd Place Annabelle Wilms & 4th Place Thao Bui
  • 5th Grade Dictionary Skills - 5th Place Carson Hickman
  • 5th Grade Listening - 1st Place Tessa Furnagalli
  • 2nd Grade Math - 1st Place Thao Bui & 2nd Place Mary Byars
  • 3rd Grade Math - 1st Place Walter Velasco & 2nd Place Eric Chen
  • 4th Grade Math - 1st Lishan Prado, 2nd Hansong Zuo & 5th Place ZoeyDeaver
  • 5th Grade Math - 1st Place Junxi Li
  • 2nd Grade Music Memory - 1st Place Miles Sweet, 1st Place Mary Byars, & 1st Place Mick Kern
  • 4th Grade Music Memory - 6th Place Auronna Shaikh
  • 2nd Grade Number Sense - 3rd Place Samuel Barnett & 5th Place Mick Kern
  • 3rd Grade Number Sense - 2nd Place Eric Chen, 4th Place KiranSathees & 5th Place Ezra Britton
  • 4th Grade Number Sense - 1st Place Lishan Prado & 2nd Place HansongZuo
  • 5th Grade Number Sense - 1st Place Junxi Li & 2nd Place Harrison Velasco
  • 4th Grade Oral Reading - 5th Place Emily Aldinger
  • 5th Grade Oral Reading - 3rd Place Mylee Baum
  • 3rd & 4th Grade Ready Writing - 2nd Place Nasmah Islam & 3rd Place Zola Phillips
  • 5th Grade Ready Writing - 1st Place Sara Dy, 2nd Place Tessa Fumagalli, & 5th Place River Vernon
  • 3rd Grade Science - 3rd Place Bryce Hiler
  • 4th Grade Science - 2nd Place Carice Chen
  • 5th Grade Science - 2nd Place Junxi Li
  • 5th Grade Social Studies - 1st Place Abigail Barnett
  • 3rd Grade Spelling - 2nd Place DD Echendu
  • 4th Grade Spelling - Carice Chen & 2nd Place Maya Smith
  • 2nd Grade Storytelling - 1st Place Thao Bui
For the 7th year in a row Roscoe Wilson was the overall sweepstakes winner!
Don't forget rewards, certificates, ect. will be handed out at the February 7th Fine Arts Performance.
Lara Caldwell
Roscoe Wilson Elementary IB PYP World School - Lubbock ISD
 Media Specialist