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Standard Response Protocol

Updated and expanded emergency operations training and information:

As the school year begins, new safety measures are in place to ensure the safety of students and staff. Employees and students across Lubbock ISD will follow these guidelines:

  • Classroom doors are to remain closed and locked during the school day. Research shows that a locked door is the most effective deterrent to violent acts. Principals and facility directors will complete the tasks listed below regarding school safety.
  • All Lubbock ISD staff will visibly wear name badges and new Standard Response Protocol (SRP) badges. The SRP badge will be worn with the employee badge at all times. It contains the five responses and key contacts used in the event of an emergency.
  • All high school students must visibly wear name badges.
  • Visitors must utilize Lobby Guard and visibly wear visitor badges.

As part of the new safety measures implemented across the district, each Lubbock ISD campus and facility will be provided with communication materials explaining the updates including posters, handouts and more to inform staff, students, and families. Campuses will also complete required tasks and training to increase school safety. 

School safety information, including the SRP, can also be found on the Lubbock ISD website.


Standard Response Protocol