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Lt. Olga Custodio speaks at high schools

Talkington SYWL, Estacado, and Lubbock HS JROTC were presented with a unique opportunity to listen and learn from America's first Latina fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Olga Custodio, USAF. Students listened to her journey of hardship, perseverance, and determination to follow in her father's footsteps in serving her country.

After being turned away to join the ROTC and USAF Officer Training School, she persisted, which opened opportunities for her to make her way into the top five percent in her class with a fighter qualification to fly as an instructor pilot in the Air Force Flight Pilot Officer Training School. She became the first female T-38 instructor pilot, American Airlines' first Latina commercial airline pilot, and one of the first Latina airline captains in the United States. Retiring from the airline in 2008, she is a founder of and holds a leadership role in the Alamo City Chapter of the Women in Aviation International and is an active member of the Hispanic Association of Aviation and Aerospace Professionals.