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2018 Holiday Card Art Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 2018 Holiday Card Art Contest were announced last week, selected from the Coronado and Monterey feeder patterns. Beginning this year, the Fine Arts department is alternating feeder pattern participation due to the high number of annual submissions and to provide more opportunity for a variety of student recognition. The designs will be turned in to holiday cards used by the superintendent and Board of Trustees and will also be available for purchase from the Communications and Community Relations Office.

The winners are:

Elementary School
Kinsley McNeely, Bowie Elementary School
Katelynn Sierra, Centennial Elementary School

Middle School
Grisel Urzua Mendoza, Atkins Middle School
Maddison Vasquez, Irons Middle School

High School
Lilymay Garcia, Monterey High School
Jaslynn Cazares, Monterey High School

2018 Holiday Card Winners