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Scouts Earn Badges by Enriching Hutchinson MS Courtyard

Jack, Max and Ford Brehmer have each completed their Eagle Scout service projects at the Hutchinson Middle School courtyard, with Ford completing the final piece last weekend. Creative Writing Teacher Nathan Dahlstrom had the original vision to unify the two organizations for the benefit of the boys and the school, and, with the help of parents Jeff and Laurie Brehmer and fellow students, the three Scouts were able turn that vision into a reality.

Jack began the renovations with the initial flowerbed, Max continued the project with the Wildflower Kingdom sign, and Ford, a senior at Lubbock HS, added the finishing touches with the brand-new log benches and podium. The service of young men has brought value and uniqueness to the school that benefits everyone, including their own mother, seventh-grade Science teacher Laurie Brehmer.

Scouts earn badges by enriching Hutchinson MS courtyard