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Community and Family Engagement Strategies

Welcome to the first of a monthly column that will provide strategies from districts around the country to help welcome every family and student and actively engage them as partners in student learning and student development.

The Minneapolis Public School System provides the Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities program. It is a seven-week curriculum-based program designed for parents who want to learn how to better navigate the public education system. The idea is to provide parents with the necessary tools and skills to develop strong and positive home-school partnerships.

Each level of curriculum offers grade-appropriate information including:

  • How the school system functions and operates
  • Standardized tests and assessments
  • How to calculate GPAs
  • Understanding report cards
  • How to effectively communicate with principals, teachers and other school staff
  • How to prepare for college

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Thanks for the National School Public Relations Association for providing these strategies in their Diversity Communications Toolkit.