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PSAT in the School Day

Monterey High School will be participating in the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 on Wednesday, October 14th from 8:25-12:00. This will be a delayed start for non-testing students. ALL Freshman & Sophomores will participate in this important exam. Juniors who have registered and paid for their exam will also test on this date. The College Board does not allow for virtual testing, so any virtual students will need to come up to campus to participate in this assessment.


Students should check hall rosters for the testing room assignments a few days before testing. All non-testing Juniors and Seniors should report to school at 12:00 for 5th period. All students will attend 5th-8th periods.  Buses will run at their normal morning times for testing students, and then again 4 hours later for those non-testing students. 


ONLY sophomores and juniors will be provided a calculator by the school. Freshman- you may bring a calculator from home if you want to have one to use on your PSAT 8/9. Be aware- you will NOT have access to your cell phones during this exam and should not plan on using your cell phone calculator option. 


Virtual learners: There will be NO online classes 1st-4th periods Wednesday, October 14. All virtual learners participating in PSAT will need to report to campus by 8:15. (all 9th, all 10th, self-selected 11th graders). We will test from 8:15-12:00.

Virtual learners will be expected to leave campus when testing concludes.