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May STAAR Testing

STAAR Algebra I End-of-Course testing will take place Tuesday, May 4th. STAAR US History End-of-Course testing will take place Wednesday, May 5th. STAAR Biology End-of-Course testing will take place Thursday, May 8th.

Rosters have been posted around the campus, and teachers will also be notifying students of their assigned testing rooms. 

Buses will run normal routes and pickup times for testing students. Exams begin at 8:15 am and conclude at 12:30 pm each day. Please make sure you are at school on time for testing. Lunch will be provided for testing students from 12:45-1:15.

Cell phones and electronic devices, such as Apple Watches or data watches, will be taken up at the beginning of the day and returned to students at the conclusion of testing. It is preferred that students leave these items at home on testing days. Students that fail to turn in cell phones or other electronic devices are subject to disciplinary action. This is a state and district policy for any and all testing days.

Buses will run routes 4 hours later than normal pickup times for non-testing students. A supervised holding area for late-start students will be in the cafeteria. Lunch for non-testing students will be served from 12:00-12:30.

Classes will begin at 1:15 (periods 5-8 on Tuesday & Thursday; periods 1-4 on Wednesday) with ATC classes meeting on campus in the small, north gym & cafeteria.

Virtual learners should check email and text messages for more information and check-in procedures.