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Academic Decathlon advances to state!

Our Monterey Academic Decathlon team competed in our region competition last weekend. The team earned an overall score of 37,809, placed 2nd in the region, and is currently ranked number 8 out of all of the 5A schools in the state (ranking 25 of 241 all UIL classifications combined). The team also earned 2nd in Super Quiz and earned the following individual medals.


In the honors division:

Annie Luft earned bronze in Math, Music, Science, and Social Science. Annie was also ranked number 4 overall in the honors division.

JaeAnna Lockeby-Landers earned bronze in Literature and Gold in Speech. JaeAnna was also ranked number 5 overall in the honors division.

Bobby Stephens earned silver in Social Science and Gold in Interview.


In the Scholastic Division:

Jason Ye earned silver in Math, Music, Economics, and Science and gold in Social Science. He was ranked number 2 overall in the scholastic division.

Nova Willingham earned bronze in Social Science and silver in Art.

Elizabeth Smart earned silver in Literature and Interview.


In the Varsity Division:

Micah Hohbein earned Gold in Music, Social Science, and Essay. Silver in Literature, Science, and Art, and Bronze in Math. Micah also ranked number 2 overall in the varsity division.

Obsidian Beavers earned bronze in Economics, Art, and Social Science. Silver in music and gold in literature. Obsidian was also 5th overall in the varsity division.

Avi Enriquez earned bronze in Math, Music, and Speech and gold in Art.


The team has qualified for state and will advance to San Antonio at the end of February.


Way to go Plainsmen!