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FCCLA Competition Results

Over the weekend, FCCLA had its first competition of the year! Our students did an amazing job representing Monterey!
Chapter Service Project Level 2- Corbin Summerford & Jonah Flores 3rd place & STATE QUALIFIER
Fashion Design Level 3- Delia Carrera, Cesar Baca & Kayden Bertrand 3rd place & STATE QUALIFIER 
Focus on Children Level 3- Bella Champion, Layni Bradley, Riley O'Brien 3rd Place & STATE QUALIFIER
Promote and Publicize FCCLA Level 3- Kaylie Kadlec & Shawn Padierna 3rd place & STATE QUALIFIER 
Cupcake Presentation Level 3- Nariah Valderaz 3rd Place & STATE QUALIFIER 
Baking and Pastry Level 3- Hailee Boland 2nd place & STATE QUALIFIER
Serving up Success Level 3- Joshua Baca 2nd place & STATE QUALIFIER
Food Innovations Level 3- Amber Meredith, Issabella Corsbie & Seline Steffee 1st place & STATE QUALIFIER
Interior Design Level 3- Camdyn Boland, Meredith Cloud & Randa Westbrook 1st place & STATE QUALIFIER 
Mystery Basket Level 3- Jace Salazar 1st place & STATE QUALIFIER
Repurpose & Redesign Level 2- Maddi Dewbre, Bella Palomo & Brynn Borthwick 1st place & STATE QUALIFIER
Sports Nutrition Level 2- Lincoln Lamm & Joaquin Maldonado 1st place & STATE QUALIFIER 
We also had two student run for Region Officer and Nehemiah Rosilo will be serving as the 2023-2024 VP of Records and Grayson Hastings will be serving as the 2023-2024 VP of Competitive Events
Way to go, Plainsmen!